When was the last time you took some time for yourself?

Simply and only for yourself?


Modern everyday life represents a constant rush, noise, flood of information, obligations, expectations, stress. But we do not let ourselves stop and take some time for ourselves. Until we burn out.


At Alpin Sauna, time finally stops. Let yourself escape from your everyday life for a few hours, and focus on yourself. Looking through the glass, admire the clear mornings and the magical sunsets. Allow yourself to dream while looking at the endless drops gliding across the glass or playing with the warm rays of sunlight. Close to nature. In harmony with nature. In contact with nature.


Contact with nature brings calm, peace, relaxation. Life.


High-tech materials are the essence of the quality of outdoor saunas. The production of the APIN SAUNA sauna is of such high quality that we offer you a 2-year warranty on the installed technology, a 5-year warranty on wooden parts in their design, and at the same time we also provide you with a 10-year warranty on the roof construction.

Your time,


Garden Sauna – ALPIN SAUNA


Our garden sauna has been fully developed in Slovenia, hand-crafted in Slovenia, with the option of small-series production, and can be adapted to customer needs or taking into account individual wishes.


Alpin Sauna is intended both for private and commercial use. Our product can be an exceptional addition to an existing hotel wellness offer or an upgrade that perfects your offer. The product is particularly suitable for camping and glamping sites.


We make sure that the outdoor sauna is delivered and installed on point (wooden) foundations, or fixed to the floor using screws. As the sauna is mobile, it can be easily moved to another spot or location.


The Alpin Sauna is a cost-effective solution in terms of high-quality and hand-crafted workmanship, and is comparable to similar functional units installed indoors.


Outdoor saunas are made of high-quality Slovenian wood in boutique carpentry manufacture. Each sauna is unique and made according to your wishes and requirements.


High-quality and durable wooden construction is complemented by high-quality built-in technology. Because we have confidence in our product, we provide a two-year warranty on the installed technology, a five-year warranty on wooden parts and their construction, while also providing a ten-year warranty on the roof construction.



External cladding

The external cladding is made of solid spruce or fir wood (also larch by arrangement), which is thermally treated.


The thermal treatment of the Alpin Sauna exterior cladding enables appropriate adaptation to different weather conditions and a long product life. It protects wood against micro-organisms, fungi and insects, while preventing varying temperatures and other weather conditions from twisting or deforming the wood in any way. The wood has a caramel or chocolate-brown colour and turns evenly grey over the years. The colour tone can be adjusted to your wishes, with a suitable varnish coating.

Internal lining

The wood is treated with steam and the surface is brushed, which gives it the appearance of aged wood.


Thermal insulation

The garden sauna is made using massive construction, and as a result prevents any condensation. Suitable wall composition ensures high insulation, which is even thicker in the ceiling.



The roof has a 2% incline. We use Siko foil, with an aluminium lining, which is connected to the drain pipe.



In addition to the classic Finnish sauna, our outdoor saunas can also be BIO saunas. This means that the humidity in the sauna can be adapted, in addition to the temperature. The infra-red heater for one or more people is installed with an ergonomically designed backrest.


The electric heaters are of high quality and made from high-quality materials.


(Digital) control system, with the remote control option.


LED lighting in the sauna and other rooms.


Music – we can install a heat-resistant Bluetooth player and speakers in the Alpin Sauna.

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